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Attorney Fees

No Attorney Fees Unless We Recover Your Life Insurance Benefits!

            There are no attorney fees unless our lawyers win your case! Our life insurance attorneys work on a contingency fee basis. Therefore, you pay nothing out of your pocket even in the event that we lose your case. We do this so that none of the risk is passed on to the client. We know that the uncertainty during this time is only compounded if we were to ask you to pay our normal hourly attorney fees. That is why we make sure to protect you by doing all of the work without asking for one penny to come out of your pocket. 

          The amount that we get paid at the end of the insurance denial case is based upon what we recover for you. As such, this ensures that we are working in your best interest as a larger recovery benefits everyone. Let us fight for you to obtain the life insurance benefits, accidental death benefits or other insurance claim benefits that have been wrongfully denied. Above all, don’t take the word of the insurance company that your life insurance claim deserves to be denied. Call us today to make sure. We are tenacious in fighting for our clients’ rights!

Free Insurance Claim Denial Consultations and Calls

            If your life insurance claim or insurance claim has been delayed or denied, we can help. Why not call to see if we can help as it won’t cost you anything but a couple of minutes of your time? The entire reason that we are here is because people like you have been treated unfairly by a large insurance company. We help even the playing field for you to make sure that you get paid as soon as possible what you rightfully deserve.

Experienced Life Insurance Denial Lawyers

            The lawyers at Joseph & Eugene, LLC have been handling these types of cases throughout Missouri for over a decade. Our experience has helped us recover for people who have been denied their life insurance claims, fire damaged home insurance claims, car insurance denials and accidental death denials. Our Firm is located in St. Louis, Missouri and we represent people throughout Missouri and Illinois. If you are unsure if we can help you, please call to find out.

Hire an Experienced Insurance Claim Denial Attorney with Reasonable Attorney Fees

          Our results speak for themselves. Our experienced insurance claim denial attorneys have never lost a case. At Joseph & Eugene, LLC our lawyers handle cases throughout Missouri and Illinois. Don’t delay if you have been denied your insurance claim. Contact our knowledgeable lawyers today at (314) 881-8338 or send us an Insurance Denial question. We look forward to hearing from you. All communications are returned promptly.

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No attorney fees unless you win! Our Lawyers have extensive experience handling life insurance claims throughout Missouri and Illinois.