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If Your Insurance Claim has Been Denied for Any Reason – Don’t Give Up!

          Often times insurance companies deny your insurance claim knowing that most people won’t fight the denial. The insurance companies get away with a lot of questionable denials because the beneficiaries don’t fight for their rights. If you have been denied your life insurance for any reason, keep fighting. We have dealt with numerous insurance claim denials and there are numerous ways to fight such denials. In this section of our website we will go through some common reasons to be denied your life insurance benefits and some ways to fight each of those denials.

Was Your Life Insurance Denial Based off of a Divorce?

          If the divorce decree stated you were to be removed as the beneficiary of a life insurance policy and your ex-spouse forgot to remove your beneficiary designation there is an exception in the Missouri Statutes whereby you may still be able to recover the life insurance benefits. Read more about the Missouri life insurance denial statutes related to divorce.

Was Your Life Insurance Denial Based off of an Alleged Misrepresentation?

          All too often the beneficiaries of life insurance policies are denied based on an alleged misrepresentation. What life insurance companies don’t always tell you is that the misrepresentation has to be material. Not every omission or misrepresentation on a life insurance application is material. Educate yourself on what is considered material misrepresentation.

Was Your Life Insurance Denial Based off of an Alleged Fraud?

          The insurance company will try to scare you and the term “fraud” will be thrown around as if you committed a crime. Upon closer inspection by an experienced attorney the allegations of fraud may be absurd. Don’t let the insurance company scare you away by claiming you committed fraud. Contact an experienced attorney that knows the Missouri and Illinois statutes on fraud.

Was Your Life Insurance Denial Based Conditioned on an Alleged Lack of an Insurable Interest?

          Certain life insurance policies require the beneficiary have an insurable interest in the insured for the policy to be valid. If the insurance company claims an insurable interest was required you must familiarize yourself with the law and contact an attorney. Missouri provides multiple paths to establish an insurable interest.

Was Your Life Insurance Denial Based off of an Alleged Suicide?

          After the death of a loved one, it may be unclear whether such death was accidental or the result of a suicide. A life insurance company’s denial of a claim based on suicide is able to be challenged. Unfortunately, the beneficiaries often times don’t challenge these denials and the life insurance company knows this. It is important that you immediately consult with an attorney if you have been denied your life insurance or accidental death benefits because time is of the essence.

Was Your Life Insurance Denial Based off of an Alleged Beneficiary Change?

Was Your Life Insurance Denial Based off of a Missed Premium Payment?

          If you or your loved one missed a monthly life insurance premium you must act quickly to preserve any rights. A lot of life insurance policies contain grace period in their terms and conditions. Contact an attorney immediately if your life insurance company denied a claim for a missed premium payment.

Was Your Life Insurance Denial Based off of an Agent Application Error?

          Insurance companies routinely look for excuses to deny claims. Each denied claim translates into the company’s profit. A typical method for denying death benefits is for a carrier to find incorrect or incomplete information on the life insurance application. Often times this application error was the result of a mistake or omission by your insurance agent. If your life insurance claim was denied based off of an agent application error contact our attorneys immediately to fight for your rights.

Hire an Experienced Insurance Claim Denial Attorney

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