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Life Insurance Beneficiary Change

What Can I do if the Life Insurance Company Denied Benefits because of an Alleged Beneficiary Change?

          A beneficiary change dispute is a legal issue for the courts to decide. It is important to get an attorney involved early in the process as you will ultimately be headed to litigation if there is a beneficiary dispute. While life insurance benefits are controlled by the policy terms and the designated beneficiary, there are times where someone other than the named beneficiary has a legitimate claim to the life insurance proceeds. Some examples where a person not named as the beneficiary may have a claim is in cases of divorce, if the policyholder lacked capacity to change the beneficiary, if the policy holder was unduly influenced to make the beneficiary change, or if mistakes were made on the beneficiary change form. These are complex cases that are ultimately headed to court for litigation. Call the experienced life insurance attorneys at Joseph & Eugene, LLC to help guide you through the process. Whether this is a policy through the employer and is a federal court case or whether the policy is governed by Missouri law, we are licensed to handle both state and federal claims.

Capacity and Undue Influence on Life Insurance Beneficiary Changes

          Life insurance beneficiary changes can be challenged if the insured lacked the mental capacity to make the designation or if they were unduly influenced to make said beneficiary designation change. These are extremely tough cases to bring and we recommend hiring an experienced attorney to litigate your claim.

Errors on the Beneficiary Change Form

          Sometimes the insured will complete a beneficiary change form , but it is not accepted by the insurance company as it contained errors. In some cases, especially for life insurance policies governed by ERISA, the beneficiary designation is effective it there is “substantial compliance” with the insurance company’s procedure which is defined as the insured’s doing all that they could reasonably have done to effect a change.

Other Beneficiary Change Disputes

          Some other common reasons for life insurance disputes include marriage, divorce, remarriage, fraud, and adoption or the birth of a child. Often times a life insurance company, when faced with a beneficiary change dispute, will place the insurance proceeds in a trust held by the state court until the court determines who rightfully should receive the benefits. These disputes are legally challenging, costly and very time consuming. If you have any kind of beneficiary dispute on a life insurance policy contact an experienced attorney at Joseph & Eugene, LLC immediately.

Hire an Experienced Insurance Claim Denial Attorney

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