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What is ERISA?

            The Employee Retirement Income Security Act (or “ERISA”) is a Federal Law that was put in place to govern employee benefit plans. These laws apply to all employer sponsored benefit plans. ERISA does little to help protect your rights and is largely in place to govern insurance claims. So, if you have an employer sponsored life insurance that has been denied, then ERISA is going to govern. The same applies if it is an employer sponsored accidental death claim that has been denied or short or long term disability claim denial. There are some employee benefit plans that are not covered by the act such as a plan from a church or the government.

What we do to assist with your ERISA claim?

  • Ensure that your claim is prepared in the most proper way possible.
  • Submit your benefits application to make certain that everything is correct.
  • Appeal any life insurance denials or accidental death denials or other insurance denials.
  • File a lawsuit in Federal Court.
  • Protect your rights every step of the way.

            The original claim that is submitted must comply with the standard set out in the specific plan that governs your life insurance, accidental death and dismemberment or short or long term disability claim. Failure to comply will result in the benefits being denied. After the claim is submitted, the insurance company has 90 days to provide you with a response, either approving or denying your life insurance, accidental death or short or long term disability claim. The plan can get an extension of this deadline by writing and informing you of the need for an extension. An additional 90 days may be requested. This means that 6 months can pass before you even hear an answer. During this time, the insurance company is not looking for ways to pay the claim, but reasons to deny your insurance claim. So make sure that you have done everything correctly or hire a lawyer to make certain.

Then, if your insurance claim is denied, ERISA provides for an appeals process that is discussed more here. 

If your life insurance claim, accidental death or short or long term disability claim is still denied, then it will be necessary to file a lawsuit in Federal Court based upon the prior steps that have been taken. If you have neglected to send something to the insurance company then it will not be admissible in Court, making it paramount that you hire the attorneys at Joseph & Eugene, LLC to ensure that all of the correct steps have been taken.

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