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Life Insurance Suicide Exceptions

What Can I do if the Life Insurance Benefits Were Denied Based Off of an Alleged Suicide by the Insured?

          Typically, life insurance policies and accidental death policies will expressly deny coverage for death by suicide. These exclusions are generally valid, but there are numerous ways to fights for your benefits if the insurance company bases their denial off of an alleged suicide by the insured. Missouri’s suicide statute, RSMo 376.620 states as follows:

Suicide, effect on liability–refund of premiums, when.

376.620. 1. Any life insurance or certificate issued or delivered in this state may exclude or restrict liability of death as the result of suicide in the event the insured, while sane or insane, dies as a result of suicide within one year from the date of the issue of the policy or certificate. Any such exclusion or restriction shall be clearly stated in the policy or certificate.

2. Any life insurance policy or certificate which contains any exclusion or restriction under subsection 1 of this section shall also provide that in the event the insured dies as a result of suicide within one year from the date of issue of the policy that the insurer shall promptly refund all premiums paid for coverage on such insured.

         After the death of a loved one, it may be unclear whether such death was accidental or the result of a suicide. A life insurance company’s denial of a claim based on suicide is able to be challenged. Unfortunately, the beneficiaries often times don’t challenge these denials and the life insurance company knows this. It is important that you immediately consult with an attorney if you have been denied your life insurance or accidental death benefits because time is of the essence.

         What the life insurance company doesn’t tell you is that they have the burden of proof to show that the death was a result of a suicide. This can be difficult to meet the burden of proof. It is essential in these cases to hire an experienced life insurance attorney to battle the large insurance company. If the case is an employee sponsored case, not only should you contact an attorney, but it is vital that you do so immediately as there are strict deadlines that must be met in these cases.

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