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Life Insurance Review Process

How Does the Life Insurance Review Process Work?

          If your loved one has passed away it can sometimes be a daunting task dealing with a large life insurance company and having to go through the review process. At Joseph & Eugene, LLC our experienced attorneys have over 50 years of experience working through the insurance review process. Whether your claim has been denied and we are going through the appeal process or if you are making the initial life insurance claim, our attorneys help throughout every stage of the review process.

          When making a life insurance claim there are a few steps one should take, but before making a claim familiarize yourself with Missouri’s Life Insurance Policy laws regarding response times.

Life Insurance Companies Response Time from Initial Receipt of Claim

          Once you have notified a life insurance company that your loved one passed away, they have 10 working days to acknowledge the receipt of the notification. Mo. Code Regs. Ann. Tit. 20, § 100-1.030 (2006). Within 15 days of said notification, the life insurance company must provide appropriate claim forms with instructions. Mo. Ann. Stat. § 375.1007(13) 2006.

Time to Accept, Deny or Investigate a Life Insurance Claim

          A life insurance company must advise you of acceptance or denial of a claim within 15 working days after submission of all necessary forms. Mo. Code Regs. Ann. tit. 20, § 100-1.050 (2006). If more time is required to investigate the claim, the life insurance company must write you a letter within 15 working days after all claim form paperwork has been submitted. If more time is required to investigate the life insurance claim the life insurance company must write you a letter within 45 days of the original notification updating you as to why more time is needed to investigate the claim every 45 days thereafter. Mo. Code Regs. Ann. tit. 20, § 100-1.050 (2006)

The Life Insurance Review Process

          Once you familiarize yourself with the law, a typical review process will go as follows:

First, locate the life insurance policy.

Hopefully, you have the paperwork showing the life insurance policy in effect. Otherwise, you will need to take the steps outlined on our Lost Life Insurance Policies Page to find the policy.

Second, call the life insurance company or your life insurance agent.

Once you have found the policy or identified the appropriate insurance company, contact your agent or the insurance company directly to notify them that your loved one passed away. Even if you do not know the policy number, the life insurance company should be able to locate the policy for you and provide you the information, so long as you are the beneficiary.

Third, fill out the required forms to make a life insurance claim.

The life insurance company will require you to fill out claim forms in order to pay the life insurance proceeds and to provide a copy of a certified death certificate. If you need help with this process either have your agent assist in completing the forms or call our attorneys for a free consultation. Some life insurance companies, in addition to forms, will ask that you do an interview, provide tax returns, provide phone records or request other additional information. Often times these interviews are done with the corporate attorneys for the purpose of searching for reasons to deny the claim. If you are concerned with the information the insurance company is asking of you, you should call an experienced life insurance attorney immediately.

Fourth, turn in the claim forms.

Once you have completed the life insurance claim forms and mailed in the death certificate it should take a relatively short time before the named beneficiary of the life insurance policy receives the funds.


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