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         Life insurance denial can be an extremely difficult time for a family. A loved one has been lost and to make matters worse, the insurance company is telling you that the insurance benefits are not going to be paid out. Here is what the insurance company tells you when denying your life insurance claim. That there was a misrepresentation on the application and so they cannot pay out. There was some sort of fraud that was committed. That there was a divorce and they cannot pay the benefits out. That they don’t pay when there is a suicide or that there was a missed premium payment. We hear these reasons time and time again. If there is any reason for the insurance company to deny your life insurance claim, then they will do it. Do not stay at the mercy of their decision to deny your insurance claim, but rather call us today for a free consultation. We handle denied insurance claims in Chicago, IL. 

            The reason you cannot go at this alone is because you do not know the law. We have over a decade of litigation experience, taking insurance companies to court and submitting our cases to the jury. They know that we are not afraid to go to trial and that we will not back down. We are always there to put up a fight so that we can protect your rights in Chicago that were guaranteed by the state of Illinois.

            The way we help is based upon our years of experience. We know what the law is, we know what the insurance company is going to do, we even have a good idea what the judge is going to do. This takes the guessing work out of it and we can make a plan that will help to recover for you the benefits you deserve from your life insurance claim.

            There are not many firms in Chicago who handle this kind of litigation, and even less with our experience. When you hire us, you will know the attorney handling your case and will not be billed by the hour. Our commitment to you is that we don’t collect a penny from you unless we first collect from the insurance company. Even if we do collect from the insurance company, we will attempt to get you more than you could get by yourself. We will seek to have all of our fees and expenses paid for by the insurance company as we seek to prove bad faith. We will also attempt to get you more than the life insurance policy is worth. As attorneys who do this on a regular basis, we know how to get you more money and quicker. We can get you paid interest on the amount of the policy for the time that you have been denied until the time that you get paid.

            So, if you have a life insurance denial we can help. We can also assist with accidental death denials, short term disability denials, long term disability denials, medical insurance denials and home owners insurance denials.

            The call is free and we can help.

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