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            At Joseph & Eugene, LLC we are experienced to handle your insurance denials claims in Springfield and throughout Illinois. Here is what we handle:

Life insurance denial – This kind of policy is often times denied due to misrepresentation, fraud, divorce, suicide or because the policy lapsed.  

Accidental death and dismemberment denial – This kind of policy often times gets confused with a life insurance policy. The difference is that an accidental death policy only pays a benefit in the event of certain causes of death. A medical condition is not going to be covered. Often times a policy like this is denied because of a suicide, but the reality is that cases like this are won all of the time. If you have an accidental death case that has been denied as a result of suicide call today to see how our experienced lawyers can help.

Short term disability denial – This insurance is for short term leave of absences and is often times denied because of a failure to follow procedure on obtaining it.

Long term disability denial – This insurance is often times denied because the employee or the person being denied has not met his burden of proving his qualifications for the payment. We help meet that burden to ensure prompt payment.

Home owners insurance denial – The most occurring denial is for fires or water damage. The insurance companies deny the claim because of fraud or they allege that the damage is not covered under the policy. We help to make sure a denied claim like this is reviewed carefully to ensure that coverage can be obtained.

            With all of these types of insurance denials that we handle we often see the same reasons for the denied insurance. Misrepresentation denials, fraud denials, suicide denials, and a failure to follow procedure denials.

            Our years of experience helps us to know what the insurance company is going to do next. Let us help you with our no fee consultation and agreement that we will not get paid a penny unless we first collect for you.

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