Life Insurance Denial Lawyer Missouri

Missouri Life and Annuity Complaint Indices

The Missouri Department of Insurance tracks the complaints for the 40 biggest providers of life insurance and annuity contracts in the State. Their last publication listed the statistics for complaints from 2010 to 2012. Below I have listed the top 10 companies by the number of life insurance and annuity complaints:

Company Name                                               No. of Complaints

American General Life Insurance Co                              57
Jackson National Life Insurance Company                     57
Metropolitan Life Insurance Company                           42
Prudential Insurance Company of American The            31
Lincoln National Life Insurance Company                      28
New York Life Insurance Company                               23
Aviva Life & Annuity Company                                     14
Hartford Life & Accident Insurance Company               14
United of Omaha Life Insurance Company                    14
Protective Life Insurance Company                               13

The life insurance attorneys as Joseph & Eugene, LLC has either filed lawsuits or taken phone calls regarding most of these life insurance companies. While it is good to file complaints with the State of Missouri, don’t stop there. If you have been denied your life insurance benefits, if you are going through a lengthy investigation or if you are concerned with your claim for any reason, call our experienced life insurance denial attorneys. Most people are intimidated by the big life insurance companies and don’t fight their denials. Don’t be that person. Fight for the benefits you deserve.