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            At Joseph & Eugene, LLC we concentrate on all insurance denial cases. This includes life insurance denial, accidental death and dismemberment denials, short term disability denials, long term disability denials and home insurance denials. We know that you pay your premiums and do not expect to be told no when it finally comes time for you to be compensated properly.

            In most cases, a life insurance claim is denied because the insurance company claims that some sort of material misrepresentation was made on the application and that because of such an error benefits cannot be paid out. Here are the facts. The law in Missouri does not hold the position that just because there is a misrepresentation on the application that the life insurance should be denied. Rather, the State of Missouri, especially in Branson, Missouri, finds that the misrepresentation needs to be directed towards the exact reason for the cause of death. So this means that we can help you recover the benefits that you deserve. What we can also do is get the insurance company to pay you interest on the benefits that you should have been paid from the first day that you properly submitted your claim. That is why it is so important to hire an experienced attorney from the very beginning to ensure that you preserve your right to recover more than the policy is worth.

            Home insurance policies often deny coverage because of an allegation of fraud or arson. We have had cases walk through our door where the person was denied coverage on their house for a fire that was stated by the fire department to have been caused electrical failure. The denial was based on nothing more than circumstantial evidence and nothing concrete. Don’t be the victim of a case like this where you feel like you are at the mercy of the insurance company. We are here to level the playing field to make sure you recover the benefits that you deserve from your denied insurance policy.

            Our experience, results and knowledge are all reasons to let us help you. We do not collect a penny unless we first collect for you. That means that calling us is free. Take advantage of this to at least give yourself peace of mind as to what insurance claim can be denied and what denied insurance claim should be paid. Protect yourself and your family as soon as possible.

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