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            The lawyers at Joseph & Eugene, LLC are available in Columbia, Missouri to take care of your insurance denial needs. Our areas of practice include life insurance denial, home-owners insurance denial for fire or water or wind damage, short or long term disability denials and accidental death and dismemberment denials. Our lawyers are here for your insurance claim whether you have been denied or you are being told over and over again that more information is needed. We can help get you what you deserve in 30 days or less or we can hold the insurance company liable for all of our fees in addition to paying you a penalty in the event that bad faith is present.

            With over 50 years of experience handling denied claims, we are prepared and ready for whatever the reason is you have been denied. Has your insurance been denied because they allege fraud took place? We have handled that. Are you being told that there were misrepresentations on the policy application so the policy is being rescinded? We have dealt with that. Have you been divorced and are now being told that you do not get what your ex-husband has left you by naming you as the beneficiary? We have handled that. Even if you have missed a premium payment or are told that the beneficiary change was invalid, we can help. Our time and experience with these cases gives us the insight needed to win the case for you. We have never taken a case and lost at trial and don’t intend on starting now.

            If your employer gives benefits to you as part of your job, then you have certain protections under ERISA, but you are also under certain duties. It is important that if you are seeking short term disability or long term disability from benefits that your employer provides, then you need to be sure to take certain steps. The same is true if you are seeking to receive a benefit from an accidental death and dismemberment policy. If you do not handle the case properly from the beginning you can seriously challenge your ability to win later on in federal court. That is why it is crucial that you contact an experienced attorney at Joseph & Eugene, LLC today. The call is free and the consultation is free.

            Don’t let the insurance company tell you what rights you have. Let an attorney, who is working for you tell you what the State of Missouri says about your rights.         

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          Our results speak for themselves. Our experienced insurance claim denial attorneys have never lost a case. At Joseph & Eugene, LLC our lawyers handle cases throughout Missouri and Illinois. Don’t delay if you have been denied your insurance claim. Contact our knowledgeable lawyers today at (314) 881-8338 or send us an Insurance Denial question. We look forward to hearing from you. All communications are returned promptly.

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