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            Have you had a life insurance claim denied and you are in Joplin, Missouri? We are here to help. We have been hired throughout the State of Missouri to handle cases just like yours because people trust what we can do for them. Some of the most common reasons that life insurance gets denied include: the change of beneficiary, fraud, misrepresentation, divorce and missed premium payment. If you have been told that the life insurance is being denied because of one of these reasons, call today to find out exactly how we can help.

            To be sure, there are also other types of denied insurance claims that we handle. For instance, we take care of all ERISA claims that have been denied or are in the process of being submitted. This includes short and long term disability, accidental death and dismemberment and health insurance denials. Most people confuse an accidental death policy with a life insurance policy, so be sure to visit out pages on accidental death policies to become more informed. If you have one of these policies that was a benefit of work, then it is in your best interest to hire a lawyer today to make sure that all of the proper steps are taken. For instance, there are strict deadlines on when evidence must be submitted in an ERISA claim (short or long term disability claim, life insurance claim, accidental death claim or medical insurance claim). By missing these deadlines, the chance to submit that evidence later on is likely gone. That is why it is so crucial that when you are starting a claim or when your claim has been denied, that you contact an experienced attorney at Joseph & Eugene, LLC to guide the steps. We make sure that all of the proper steps are taken and ensure that the theory of your case is best structured to help you win on your denied insurance claim.

            The denial of a life insurance claim can be devastating. Both from a financial standpoint but also from an emotional stand point. Losing a loved one and then having the insurance company tell you that the life insurance benefit is not going to be paid due to the denial from fraud, misrepresentation, divorce, beneficiary change or a missed premium payment is at times too much to handle. We are here to offer a helping hand. We don’t collect any money from you until we collect FOR you. Let us help.

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          Our results speak for themselves. Our experienced insurance claim denial attorneys have never lost a case. At Joseph & Eugene, LLC our lawyers handle cases throughout Missouri and Illinois. Don’t delay if you have been denied your insurance claim. Contact our knowledgeable lawyers today at (314) 881-8338 or send us an Insurance Denial question. We look forward to hearing from you. All communications are returned promptly.

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