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          At Joseph & Eugene, LLC we are hired in the Lake of the Ozarks and throughout the State of Missouri to handle life insurance claims that have been denied along with accidental death denials, short term disability denials, long term disability denials and home insurance denials. For life insurance that has been denied, there are a lot of reasons that the insurance company can use that will convince people not to purse any further. Misrepresentations on the application, fraud, suicide, divorce, a change in beneficiary or a missed premium payment are some of the most common. For suicide, the insurance companies send a letter stating that their policy does not cover self inflicted wounds and therefore no benefits are going to be paid out. They will even send you the policy langauge that says this. However, Missouri law has said that language like that will not apply in many if not all circumstances. So the trick being played on people like you is to give you a policy that states certain things are not covered when Missouri law specifically says they are covered and cannot be excluded. If that is the case for suicide, imagine all of the other reason the insurance company has come up with to deny your life insurance claim.

         What we do for you is offer our knowledge, expertise and experience. We know the law. We are not intimidated by a letter from the insurance company stating that the insurance is being denied or rescinded as a result of some provision that they put in their policy. Without this expertise, a person has little to no chance of succeeding without a lawyer.

          There are also accidental death and dismemberment policies that are part of an employer benefit program that fall under the federal law of ERISA. If you have a case that is based upon benefits that your employer provided to you, it is critical that you hire a lawyer as soon as possible. There are certain rigid deadlines that must be met and certain procedures that must be followed in order to make certain that your case can proceed to federal court in the event of a denial.

         Again, the best chance that you have to recover for your life insurance denial, accidental death and dismemberment denial, short term disability denial, long term disability denial or home insurance denial is to get an attorney working on your case as soon as possible. We are here and do not charge a fee for an initial consultation. We also do not collect a penny unless we first collect for you. So call today.

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