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            At Joseph & Eugene, LLC we specialize in handling insurance claims that have been denied. We have been sought out through the entire State of Missouri, and in Springfield, to help people because we are trusted and we are able to get good results. To be sure, if you are confronted with a denied life insurance claim, or are in the process of a decayed instance claim, it can be extremely helpful to discuss your situation with an experienced attorney. Here is what we do. If you have a denied life insurance claim in Missouri, a denied accidental death claim, a denied short term disability claim, a denied long term disability claim or a denied home owners insurance claim we can help. We know when an insurance company can legally deny your insurance claim and we know when they are not able to. We also know how to get you more money out of the life insurance claim or other denied insurance claim than you would be able to get for yourself. So the math looks like this. You would be able to recover a certain amount on your own, which a lot of times means that you will get nothing as the insurance companies will only pay if you get an attorney. If you do hire a lawyer we are able to get you more than you would be able to get for yourself, and we don’t cost one penny from your pocket. We only get paid for our services to you if we win your case.

            It is important to remember that just because the insurance company denies your life insurance, accidental death and dismemberment claim or home owners insurance claim does not mean that you will lose your case. It is important that you get an experienced attorney working FOR you who will review your case in an attempt to tell you the truth. A denied insurance claim for fraud, misrepresentation, suicide or divorce looks like a good reason to not be paid and that is exactly what the insurance company is hoping. That you will not seek expert advice but will rather accept their determination and their interpretation of the law, no matter how wrong it is. We have even seen the insurance company deny life insurance and send a case decided by the courts to support their position. However, this was not the correct case to send and we ended up collecting more than the policy was worth due to the delay in payment to the beneficiary.

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