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Death Benefits Awarded to Surviving Spouse after Boating Accident

In a recent decision, a Missouri court held that a widower was entitled to accidental death benefits after his wife was killed in a boating accident. The amount of the award totaled in excess of $350,000. Two and a half years ago, the couple went on a boating trip at their vacation home in Vermont. Three of their four children joined
them for the trip. After spending the day at sea, the couple wisely decided to head back to shore as a storm was quickly approaching. While en route to shore, the boat collided with a jet skier. The collision caused the wife to fall overboard and come into direct contact with the boat’s propeller. She sustained severe injuries to her leg and torso. The wife died three days later.

Shortly after the wife’s tragic death, her husband filed for accidental death benefits. Both spouses had obtained life insurance policies on the others behalf five years prior to the accident. After a two-year long fight with the insurance company, a Missouri Appellate Court decided to award the husband death benefits. The insurance
company has filed an appeal that is currently pending.

If you have been denied on your life insurance or accidental death and dismemberment benefit, don’t be discouraged, contact an experienced life insurance attorney to hear about your recovery options!