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Denied Homeowners Insurance After a Home Fire

Dealing with Denied Homeowner Insurance After a Fire

At Joseph & Eugene, LLC our experienced insurance denial attorneys receive numerous calls regarding denied property insurance claims. One of the more common complaints is that the homeowners insurance denied the claim after a home fire. On top of finding a new home for the family to live in, individuals are also battling insurance companies to pay for home repairs and the loss of personal property. Not only are these individuals without a home to live in, but they are often put through a lengthy investigation period that can drag on for months. It is common for homeowner insurance companies to request statements under oath, request phone records, and request bank records among other things. Throughout these investigations the property insurance companies are looking for reasons to deny the claim. We have received countless numbers of calls where the individual went through months of an investigation after a home fire only to be denied coverage. If you are in this situation don’t panic. You are not alone. There are hundreds of complaints against homeowner’s insurance companies in Missouri alone. You can read the report from the Missouri Department of Insurance here. If you are experiencing any of the following from your homeowners insurance company it is important to contact an experienced attorney immediately:

  1. Excessive Delays
  2. Unreasonable Requests for bank records, driving records, cell phone records, etc.
  3. Excessive interviews or examinations under oath
  4. A denial letter

At Joseph & Eugene, LLC our experienced attorneys concentrate their practice in insurance denial cases. We have helped our clients recover millions throughout Missouri. Call our experienced attorneys today for a free consultation.