Life Insurance Denial Lawyer Missouri

Life Insurance Claim Denied?

If you were denied on your life insurance claim, you should consider filing a life insurance lawsuit. When an insurance company denies a claim, the claim becomes closed. By suing the insurance company for wrongful denial, you give the company a reason to reopen your claim and negotiate a settlement. Life insurers often deny valid claims, hoping beneficiaries will give up and stop pursuing their claim. Once your life insurance claim is denied, the company has no reason to put any additional work into your case unless there is a threat of legal action. Filing a life insurance lawsuit can be an effective way to open negotiations and obtain a settlement. Often times, an insurer will negotiate a settlement just to avoid litigation.

Sometimes negotiations fail, if they do, you should consider hiring an attorney who can litigate the life insurance claim in court. If you have a valid legal claim to your denied life insurance benefits, a court can award you the compensation you are owed. However, you will not recover anything unless you file a lawsuit. Thus, whether the life insurance lawsuit leads to negotiations or litigation, filing one gives you a better chance of recovering benefits that were wrongfully denied.