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Life Insurance Denied after Divorce

Has Your Life Insurance Benefits Been Denied After A Divorce?

If your life insurance benefits have been denied after a divorce contact the experienced lawyers at Joseph & Eugene, LLC for a free consultation. We have handled life insurance cases where the denial was based around a divorce. In fact, one of our most recent settlements on a case dealt with this issue.

The life insurance company denied our client stating that she was divorced and not the proper beneficiary. They based her denial of benefits off of an old statute in Missouri. The client came to us dejected because she was the ex-spouse and listed beneficiary of the decedent, but was unable to collect her benefits. What the insurance company didn’t realize was that the law was updated in 2001 and their denial was based off of old law that was no longer on the books. We were able to collect the full insurance benefits plus 9% interest for our client.

The lesson here is always consult with an attorney even if you have been denied. Insurance companies will sometimes base a denial off of outdated laws. Unlike our experienced life insurance attorneys at Joseph & Eugene, LLC, the life insurance companies are not there to look out for your best interest.

Our results speak for themselves. Our experienced insurance claim denial attorneys have never lost a case. At Joseph & Eugene, LLC our lawyers handle cases throughout Missouri and Illinois. Don’t delay if you have been denied your insurance claim. Contact our knowledgeable lawyers today at (314) 881-8338 or send us an Insurance Denial question. We look forward to hearing from you. All communications are returned promptly.