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Reporting Life Insurance Fraud

 Is the Insurance Company Claiming you Committed Insurance Fraud?

If you have not committed fraud, don’t be alarmed. We have handled cases where the insurance company alleges fraud as a heavy handed tactic to get the beneficiary to drop the life insurance claim. If the insurance company knows of fraud that has take place they have to report said fraud to the State of Missouri. Often times they don’t do this because all they care about is scaring the beneficiary into thinking they don’t have a claim. The fraud regulation in Missouri reads:

20 CSR 100-3.100 Fraud Investigation Reports

PURPOSE: This rule sets forth the forms to be used in reporting fraudulent insurance acts to the department under sections 375.991–375.994, RSMo.

(1) Insurers must report any allegation of a fraudulent insurance claim to the Consumer Affairs Division using a Fraud Investigation Report by Insurer form (Form F-I) adopted and approved by the director in 20 CSR 100- 4.030. This form also may be used by an insurer seeking the department’s assistance in the investigation and prosecution alleged fraudulent insurance claims and other types of fraudulent insurance acts. (2) Any person other than an insurer reporting a fraudulent insurance act to the Consumer Affairs Division must use a Fraud Investigation Report by Consumer form (Form F-C) adopted and approved by the director in 20 CSR 100-4.030.

If the life insurance company is alleging you committed fraud it is important to contact our experienced life insurance attorneys immediately to protect your rights!