Life Insurance Denial Lawyer Missouri

Researching Your Insurance Company

Missouri recently became the 5th state to allow consumers to search their database to view insurance company filing records. Missouri Revised Statutes 610.021 through 610.035 states that most public records are available for inspection or copying. You can visit the new website to do your own research at:

The public can now access such things as filings for rates, rules and forms. There is no charge when doing searches. You can also search these files using a computer kiosk located within the Missouri Department of Insurance. These kiosks are only available by appointment during normal business hours.

If you are having trouble with your life insurance claim it is important to contact an attorney immediately. In addition to speaking with an attorney, it is usually good practice to do your own research. In addition to our website, the Missouri Department of Insurance has a lot of good information on their website for consumers.